Human Research Ethics Reporting

It is a condition of ethics approval that researchers report to the HREC:

  • Adverse events

    Researchers must immediately report via email to the HREC Secretariat anything which might warrant review of ethical approval including:

    • serious or unexpected adverse effects on participants or others involved in the project
    • unforeseen events that might affect continued ethical acceptability of the project
  • Amendments

    It is a condition of approval that researchers report anything which might warrant review of ethical approval, including proposed changes to the application. Amendments must be submitted to the HREC for approval prior to proceeding with any changes.

  • Annual report on project status

    It is a condition of ethics approval and the University's insurance policy that researchers undertake timely reporting. Ethics approval is granted for a period of three years subject to providing a satisfactory Annual Report on Project Status form outlining the project's progress and the researcher's adherence to proper ethical standards.

    The annual report on project status form should be used for reporting.

    To submit the annual report:

    • Save the entire file (including any supplementary information) as one PDF document
    • Email the PDF document to
  • Discontinuation & completion of project

    It is a condition of approval that researchers inform the HREC, giving reasons, if the project is discontinued before the expected date of completion.

    Researchers are also required to inform the HREC when a project is completed.

    If a project is completed or discontinued, researchers should submit an annual report on project status form to the HREC Secretariat.

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