Barbara Kidman Fellowship Scheme

The University of Adelaide Barbara Kidman Women's Fellowship Scheme is designed to support female academics to enhance and promote their career.

The Scheme offers opportunities to enhance, maintain, or re-invigorate research momentum, and assist the Fellowship recipients in applying for, and assuming, enhanced roles in the near future. Preference will be given to those staff whose research momentum has been affected by caring responsibilities, resulting in career-disruption or reduced working hours.

In the 2024 round, up to six Fellowships will be available for funding in 2025. Each Fellowship provides a maximum of $35,000 per 1.0 FTE. For part-time applicants, funding will be allocated on a pro-rata basis. There is no requirement for matching funds from the applicant’s School or Faculty.

Applications for the 2024 round will open 22 July 2024 and close 26 August 2024. 


Applicants must:

  • be female academic staff already employed by the University of Adelaide at Levels B and C;
  • hold a continuing position, have a contract for a minimum of two years from 2025, or have a contract for a minimum of one year from 2025 if the Head of School can confirm that there is an anticipation that the staff member will be employed for at least two years through subsequent contracts; 
  • have been employed by the University of Adelaide since at least 1 January 2024, at a minimum of 0.4 FTE;  
  • have experienced a career disruption resulting from caring responsibilities within the last 5 years which has impacted on their work;
  • have been awarded a PhD or have equivalent standing; and
  • not have had SSP within the last 12 months.


  1. Read the quickguide detailing how to create & complete the Internal Fund Scheme (IFS) eForm.
  2. Contact the Head of School to establish support for the application and arrange for the Head of School acknowledgement form to be signed.
  3. Prepare your application text in a Word template (NOT for uploading).
  4. Prepare your curriculum vitae to address the CV requirements.
  5. Develop your budget using the budget template.
  6. Copy and paste prepared application text into the IFS eForm (accessed via ResearchMaster), and upload CV, Head of School acknowledgement form and any other supporting documentation.

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    Faculty contacts

    • ABLE: Katelyn Harris and Mary Harpas
    • HMS: Tom Kontou and Rebecca O’Rielly
    • SET: Tim Anson and Annette Paschke