Should I get a buzz cut?

an electronic razor with bits of shaved hair at the end

Electric clippers

I have had the same haircut for almost four years.

Short pixie cut, buzzed at the back and longer at the top. Once I discovered a haircut that worked, I was sticking with it. No more difficult decisions or regrets. 

I've watched friends get new haircuts that come and go. A new haircut usually signifies something: a life change, the turning over of a new leaf or a time of experimentation. A new haircut can build confidence or, if it goes badly, cause misery. 

Recently, out of nowhere, I've been questioning my unchanging look. Maybe it's time to change things up.  I have observed women with buzz cuts walking around town. They look so confident and cool. I wonder what my head would look like almost bald. I wonder what it would feel like to have a buzz cut. I love the thought of not even having to blow-dry my hair for once. 

There are some things that have been stopping me from getting a buzz cut. For one, it's impossible to know exactly what it would look like. Everyone has a different shaped head. What if I look like a strangely shaped potato? Secondly, buzz cuts are hard to grow out. There will always be that awkward 'fluffy' stage where your hair is long enough to make your head look big and fluffy but not long enough to fall into a fringe. Finally, I'm nervous about whether it will impact the way people see me. Will they make assumptions about me based on my hairstyle? Will people think it's unprofessional for an office environment? 

Now that I am in isolation, I am wondering whether now is the time to do it. To buzz, or not to buzz? 


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