My cat

My Cat

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I’ve found that cats regularly bond with a particular person. They might be friendly to a range of people, but there always seems to be one particular person they are especially fond of. Animals don’t really care who technically owns them, so sometimes the cat ends up being the cat of a person who didn’t actually buy them.

I think I have a cat that’s my cat, or at least partly my cat (although I don’t technically own it). This cat will seem to follow me and sit with me when I’m around, let me pick it up. Anyone who knows me probably knows the cat I’m talking about, which I think says something.

Why is this my cat? What have I done that made it mine? I’m not the regular feeder. I do give it attention whenever I see it, so I guess that could be it. I was the one who named this cat, which makes it all the more special to me, but I don’t think the cat is aware of this. For some reason this cat seems to have imprinted on me.

Is it a personality thing? Do I just for some reason “click” with this particular creature? What would that say about me? It’s a fairly big cat, that will ferociously, but playfully, jump at ankles unprovoked then scamper away. From time to time, it’s a friendly cat, but it likes its space. Maybe I’m the same.

I’m sure other animals do this as well, I suppose that’s the reason dogs are considered “man’s best friend”. It’s actually quite nice to have an animal seem to appreciate having me around and follow me from place to place. I’m not a massive animal person, but sometimes I’ll sit there alone with just the cat and it’ll be somewhat therapeutic because I want some space from people, but I won’t want to be alone.

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