Reorganising my room

I have found that the days are coming and going quicker and quicker whilst studying from home. I wake up and before I know it, it’s dark and I’m in bed again. So, I have been looking for ways to feel fulfilled, keep busy and do something constructive. After years and years, it has finally taken a global pandemic of me to start slowing restructuring and tidying up my room.

I’ve been taking it shelf by shelf and box by box. I take them out dust it all down and then sort through my years of cluttered crap and hoarded junk. I must confess I am a bit of a hoarder and like keeping things. Be it; bits of paper, old work, old toys, miscellaneous bits and bobs I’ve kept it all. Not only have I been slowly clearing through it, but I have also been chucking out everything I don’t need or have space for – a good de-clutter. I think I’m finding it helps me feel in control and busy, and the smell of a freshly vacuumed/cleaned room is always a plus.

From here on I might try reorganising the spare room shelves. Donating what I can, regifting and rearranging. It’s not much but it’s something constructive I’ve been putting my energy into.

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