A sense of possibility

Sometimes I wonder if all I need in life is a sense of possibility. Sometimes I enjoy looking forward to things more than I enjoy the things themselves. 

My life right now is filled with a sense of possibility. Many things are ending and soon new things will be beginning. My studies are drawing to a close, and I have no idea what I will be doing even in two weeks' time. I've been applying for a few jobs that I'm really hopeful about. And I've been daydreaming about going on a roadtrip if I don't find work straight away. There seem to be possibilities all around me: new friendships, new projects, new ideas. 

It feels really freeing to see the future stretch out before me as a great unknown. Sure, it's slightly daunting. But thinking about the enormous possibilities contained in that future is an enchanting feeling.

Perhaps, soon, I'll settle into a routine again. There will be some positive developments, and it will be nice to have a sense of direction. But there will be some disappointments too. Life is like that. That's why I'm hoping to sit with this sense of possibility a little while longer. 

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