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Over the years of my candidature, I seem to have collected stacks of paper and even as I strive to produce less waste and not print anything, I’ve still ended up with a collection of portable hard drives.

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'Christodora' and the New York novel canon

Christodora, Tim Murphy's 2016 debut novel, is the latest in the 'New York novel' canon: it deals with addiction, trauma, family relationships, LGBTQI+ identity, and the search for connection in a world that seeks to divide. 

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Getting 'good' at conflict

I think most of us could hazard a guess that healthy confrontation involves listening to the other person, but how exactly do we do this? How do we get 'good' at conflict?

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Now I'm TOO Motivated

Life is cruel, so be careful what you wish for. Last week I felt a real lack of motivation. Now, I’m TOO motivated.

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Our amazing public libraries

Recently, I became aware of the amazing services that our state and local governments provide to all citizens in the form of our public libraries.

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R U OK? Day: Am I okay?

RUOK Day is a really positive initiative which seeks to promote discussion about mental health, and support for those who are struggling.

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Fight for planet A

There is no planet B. It is going to be and always has been a struggle to preserve our planet A.  ABC’s Fight for Planet A is a great environmental series that is making me question, engage, and learn.

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Having something stolen

A sunset over a peer at the beach

It can be a challenging experience having something stolen and having to report it.

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When was the last time you saw an act of grace?

And what was it? ‘I work in an emergency department. There are a thousand tiny acts of grace everyday – every beat of the heart – most unnoticed by the bigger, glossier world, but they add up. In essence, the acts of grace are sometimes barely noticeable as the world rages away in its current state, but they can be seen if you pay enough attention.’

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How do I get involved with social sports?

I feel like I am missing out on the benefits of social sport.

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