Review: Osteria Oggi

‘Oggi’ translates to ‘today’ in Italian, and this simple phrase aptly describes the experience of dining at Osteria Oggi. Set in the heart of the CBD, the pasta is made fresh daily, and the interior evokes both old school Italian intimacy and modern living. Think pastels, cobblestone floors, arches, a pergola-style courtyard, communal timber tables, private booths, and a mezzanine-level kitchen where you can observe a flock of chefs meticulously prepare your meal.

This might all sound a little too curated in print, but I can assure you, the interior both looks and feels authentic. The lighting is warm, the room is peppered with delicate ribbons of pasta hanging on racks, jars of preserves, and displays of fresh bread. Everything—from the enthusiasm on the diners’ faces to the knowledge of the attentive waiting staff—is the real deal.

The menu changes from time to time in order to accommodate the restaurant’s principle of using local, seasonal produce. There’s something for everyone: plenty of vegetarian options (I recommend the gnocchetti with broccoli, anchovy, pine nuts, and chilli) but also plenty of traditional meat sauces (like the pork sausage or the boar ragu) and an incredible carbonara with a raw egg cracked on top that you stir through yourself to achieve the traditional no-fuss outcome.

Part of what makes dining at Osteria Oggi so pleasurable is the potent sense of nostalgia that being there evokes. It’s modern, yes, but it also feels like you might have stepped into a set-piece from Call Me by Your Name. It's old-school Italian glamour re-purposed for contemporary Adelaide market. Ultimately, though, the restaurant’s greatest achievement is that its food is prepared by people who care about the quality of the produce and the way it’s enjoyed by guests.

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