Trends and fashions

Girl in blue sweater clutches pink fidget spinner.

Image accessed from Pixabay 3 September 2020

I’ve never been the best at keeping up with what’s fashionable. That’s partly because I like to hold on to my money, and partly because I don’t pay enough attention to keep up to date with the current thing. There is another reason though: I’m not sure the mindless pursuit of the current trend is a good idea.

Being a bit of an outside observer to fashion, I’ve seen the same pattern play out over and over again. First, the new thing is discovered, and it gains traction to become all the rage. The obsession is all-engulfing, in every conversation and on every website the new thing is mentioned. Then, for no discernible reason, the thing is thrown aside and forgotten about. It is old news. It is of no interest.

This cycle is true of lots of different areas, maybe it’s true of everything that can be purchased. The cycle plays out for movies, video games, technology, clothing, architecture, music. Sometimes the process lasts just a few months.

Maybe this is good for the economy, maybe it’s just how culture works, maybe I’m being unreasonable taking an issue with it. I’ve mentioned before how I have a tendency to not want to spend any of my money. I know that’s not a good mentality, because money is useless if it is never spent. Is this just an extension of that way of thinking?

The idea that we just have to constantly buy low-grade, overpriced things just to stay on top of what’s currently glorified seems just a little bit sickening. My big concern is that fashion can very easily end up promoting form over substance. We don’t buy into the next big thing because it’s a step forward, we buy it just because it’s fashionable.

I think it’s not a good idea to let things control your life, that includes fashions and trends. For me, I'm trying to become a thoughtful spender and saver, because I think that is the answer to this. That means remaining patient in buying things when I need to, and not buying into every ridiculous fad just because I want to fit in.

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