Bicycles are the best

*You hear a screech of old brakes, a rickety loose chain hitting the side of a bike and then you see a crazy person whiz past you weaving in and out of a crowded street*. It is probably me. My bike is a rickety old frame that probably isn’t road worthy which I love dearly. I do feel a bit bad when my screechy brakes and rickety loose chain make people jump when I whizz past, but I like the character that my bike has.

Why ride a bike?

It is easy to forget how much quicker riding a bike compared to walking, public transport and even driving. It can save you on time and money as well. Not to mention that I find it to be very freeing. There are some great bike paths and lanes in and around Adelaide that we are very lucky to have and I think the best way to appreciate them is to use them. Whether it be in the middle of peak hour traffic or a nice quiet road free of cars. Whatever you prefer there are some riding paths for everyone.

Can bikes really help the environment?

There is a lot of talk hailing bike as the most environmentally friendly mode of transport. Funnily enough, this is true. Riding your bike really is a simple and effective way you can reduce you emissions, save money and improve your health and wellbeing. Every time you ride or walk (even if it’s just down the road to your local supermarket) you save petrol and emissions from you car and the amount of passengers public transport has to carry and the stress put on them. That being said, public transport is still a great way forward to reduce our national emissions and our dependency on cars. It has got me thinking about how many times I have taken my bike instead of the bus and how much money I have saved. Not to mention the instant rush I get from picking it up and going for a ride. 

Pick your style?

Getting a bike means you get to put your identity into it. You can choose what style you get (vintage, retro, modern, road etc..), it can become an extension of your individualism. Once you choose what kind of bike you want you get to pick your helmet and the colours as well as if you want to cover your bike in stickers or tape or streamers or attach a basket, it’s entirely up to you! I am currently rocking yellow tape over my handles bars and a nice slick and protective helmet. Personally, I am really keen to get some of those great side satchel straps! What is your dream bike? 

 Check out Ecoversity for upcoming bike-related events including SAPOL bike engraving and Ride to Uni Day in October.





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