Making exercise fun

After wasting half the day lounging around, I decided it was time to do something. However, I couldn’t think what to do. I knew I wanted to get out and exercise my lazy body, but it can be such a chore. It can be really challenging sometimes making exercise fun.

With the absence of social sport, I am usually left with running or going for a ride on my bike. Neither of these were really appealing to me. So, I set off to the swimming pool for a splash. I tried my hand at the old freestyle and breaststroke and even kicking it back to backstroke. After one lap of each, I was out of breath. I had forgotten just how demanding and hard swimming can be.

From then on, I decided to resign myself to the social pool where I played with the blow-up donut rings. I tried racing my partner in an underwater running race, doing flips and tricks and a breath holding competition. After over an hour of swimming I was not only all wrinkling but also exhausted. When I finally succumbed to the fatigue and the sick feeling of the chlorine, I decided to get out. Walking back home, my old ankle joint, which often pains me from a previous injury was feeling great. My back also felt straight and sturdy (forgive me for sounding older than my age). Looking back on the swim, I realised that to increase my exercise and fitness, I need to change how I do my exercise and try to make it as fun as possible. Whenever I feel my back twinging again from a day huddled over a computer, I'll try to push myself to get straight back out there for a swim. 

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