Ramblings on knowing and doing

Horsnell Gully

This morning, as I was in warrior pose during my morning yoga practice, I couldn’t help but allow my mind to wander. My thoughts were on thinking about the integrity of our world. What does that even mean - the integrity of our world? Does it imply that there is some other purpose than simply existing? What’s the purpose of things? What’s a worthy enough purpose?

I’ve recently started a new role within the social sciences world, this time in economics. I am lucky enough to be working with such esteemed experts, who at the same time are driven to contribute their skills for the greater good. Since I’m new to the world of economics, I wonder, when does one know enough? What is ‘enough’ in terms of knowing enough before you act? I’m sure you can know enough to help shape how people think about an issue and help make a change. 

How does change happen? I feel like I am nowhere close to any of my heroes, like Sylvia Earle, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and my dad, among others, who’ve contributed so much in advocating for the environment and social justice but I’m still just learning that change is built incrementally, putting things in place little by little, plugging away relentlessly. It’s all about focused energies, collective efforts, empathy, and the power of each day. It will pay off and you will witness small victories and navigate through setbacks and you will feel like you’ve never made it, but you go on regardless. Why, why do you go on regardless? Maybe you do it for the integrity of our world.


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