The bright side

As you may know if you’re a regular reader, I’ve previously challenged myself to write at least one upbeat, positive post a week. This has been one of the hardest things to do! 

Why is it so hard to write happy posts! Does it mean that there’s something deeply wrong with me? Am I a cynical, pessimistic person who will never find happiness? I’m pretty sure there are studies that suggest humans have a tendency to focus on issues and negatives. Even this post isn’t starting off with a very positive vibe!

So I should focus on some positives. I should try and shift that focus.

What am I happy about? I like the thunderstorms we’ve been having, I like that we’re heading into summer. I like that the semester is over and I’m going to get to have a break. I’m happy that restrictions are easing and I’ve seen people more.

See I KNOW what I’m happy about. I just don’t know how to talk about it in detail. What I revert to is unceremoniously listing things  off.

Maybe that’s just a matter of practice. Focusing in on one thing, those thunderstorms. Seeing the cascade of lightning in the sky, and standing there looking up at it while rain falls around me. It just reminds me how amazing the world we live in is. How awe-inspiring. I feel a vulnerability, but also this real sense of hope. In addition, the rain reminds me of a number of my fondest memories. I’ve always loved the rain, and I remember some really great times with others running from the rain or hiding away from it indoors.

So that is something that makes me really happy, and being able to talk about why is a good way to start getting my focus in life to be just a little bit more positive. :)

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