Why go to university?

Man looks out into fantastical light display.

Why do I go to university? I’ve just finished my degree so I probably could’ve thought about this a little sooner, but better late than never.

Part of my decision to go through another half-decade of education was an attempt to boost my career prospects. I think, if we’re being realistic, that this is the main reason most people go to uni. University seemed like the right choice to me from a practical perspective. I want a good job, and going to uni helps with that (at least that’s what everyone seems to say). University is a chance to work at developing attributes that are useful in the world. It’s a matter of self development.

I think it goes beyond that though. I really like what university stands for, or at the very least what I think it stands for. Seek light. I like that we have an institution which has the aim of uncovering the truth. That’s an important goal. I don’t know how many uni students come to uni for this goal, but I think it is far more important than having something to add to a resume.

Sometimes I imagine a world where university didn’t really have any practical pay-offs. Where going to university didn’t translate to having any prestige, or employment benefits. I ask myself if I’d still want to go, I think I would.

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