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Shopping sustainably

Pants on a rack

It's time I get off the microtrend bandwagon.

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Another year comes & goes


Just like that, 2021 is almost at an end. It seems like only yesterday that we were all praising the end to 2020 and welcoming in a new year. Like everyone else, I have some mixed feelings about this year.

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Missing my pets

two rabbits with a third toy rabbit

Animals have such a profound effect on our happiness and wellbeing. I don’t live with my family pets anymore, and I really miss them.

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Choosing contraception

coloured condoms - image

What's this? What's this? A reflection on my experience of learning about and trying different contraceptives until I found the one that worked for me.

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City bakeries

Bakery and baked goods

What's so great about bakeries?

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Some good Sundays

At the entrance of Gilles At The Grounds

Sundays are, without a doubt, my favourite day of the week. 

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Posture? Meditation? Lofi?

girl meditating in front of lake

Exam season was a stressful time, so it’s important that you practice mindfulness and doing the little things to improve your wellbeing.

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Stronger together

Struggling over the holidays is more common than you think.

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Pressures of gift shopping

A guineapig wearing a party hat, with a cupcake and a present and confetti

Coming from a family of seven, I am pretty used to the concept of birthdays happening around once a month but despite this I still find myself wasting HOURS trying to figure out what to get my siblings.

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Of the 'great resignation'

I only recently heard about the 'Great Resignation' on the news and it also got me thinking about completing the Adelaide Graduate Award programme.

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