Putting down my phone

Man holding smartphone out in front of himself.

In terms of unhealthy habits, scrolling through my social media feed is definitely one that I am working to nip in the bud.

Most afternoons and evenings, I find myself kicking back on the couch or in bed with my phone in hand, flipping between social media apps. It is a mindless pursuit that I have been realizing is taking up a significant proportion of my free time – and worse, wasting it. 
My boredom is so easily fixed by watching cooking videos or funny reels that it is hard to break the habit. But I have committed to swapping out my phone for a book for at least 2 hours a day. Now I've started, I can definitely feel the difference between the activities, my brain becomes less passive and impressionable and more critical and creative. 

I know some people use things like app lockers and the like but the most effective way for me to manage my bad habits is to reflect on the things I am doing and ask myself why I am doing them. Often, scrolling on social media doesn’t come with great reasons or benefits, so that makes it a lot easier to motivate myself to do something beneficial for my body or brain. Now to just get to the exercise, instead of social media!

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