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Laughter, song, and dance

This week’s challenge was to ‘let go of being cool and always in control’ and the first thought that came to mind was one of the Friends episodes - The One With the Routine (Season 6 Episode 10). Yes I’m a 90s kid, but I don’t know what possessed my friends and me from trying to recreate The Routine - we even recorded it! It was meant to be a quiet girls’ night in, spent in our pyjamas as we shared a gorgeous grazing table and watched episode after episode of Friends. Recreating a goofy dance routine wasn’t part of the plan! 

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Phantom study

A person begins to write in a blank notebook on a table with their iPad and headphones.

I'm so used to studying that I feel as if the threat is still looming over me.

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Post-exam emptiness

A woman sitting on a boulder staring over mountains and valleys at sunset.

The long-awaited freedom is finally here!

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Dear Diary 

A person opening a journal on a table.

How journaling helped me regulate my emotions.

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Play and rest

friends hugging

The challenge with HDR life is that we have maybe too much freedom.

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Best study spots in Adelaide

Rows of bookshelves at a library.

Here's my rating of the study spots I've been to.

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Mid-exam season motivation

A person begins to write in a blank notebook on a table with their iPad and headphones.

One exam down, and only the rest to go! 

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This one’s a really tough one I have to admit.

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Self-care and self-esteem

Various cosmetic products packed in light-pink tubes, boxes, compacts, and bottles spread across a light-pink background.

I’ve recently taken up an interest in skincare. I’m not quite sure what prompted this interest, perhaps it had always been in the back of my mind just waiting for a spark of motivation to take action.

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Having a slow day

Woman doing a yoga pose.

A morning of yoga and de-stressing. 

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