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Should we be scared of ageing?

An elderly person holding hands with an infant.

I enjoy get ready with me (grwm) videos as much as the next person. So much so that I sometimes talk to my bathroom mirror as though I’m a guest on Vogue’s Beauty Secret. It adds a little fun to my 3-step skincare routine.

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Cycles of family

Family or Friends Eating Together

I know that not everyone has had as much luck with their family, or of what little family they have. Even if they are not your bloodlines, for whoever you choose or accept your family to be, I hope that those relationships grow healthier and stronger as you get older.

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Stage fright

I’ve previously written blog posts here on being nervous about conference presentations and public speaking in general. As a postgraduate and mature-aged student, it’s reasonable to expect that I’ve experienced plenty of them, and so when a request for a radio interview came through, I was surprised that I was more terrified than excited about this opportunity - don’t even take into account the huge wave of imposter syndrome feels that came over me!

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New rituals

I’m usually pretty good about my social media consumption, but lately, I’m finding that it’s using up valuable time and head space. On top of setting social media on to silent apart from a certain time during the day, I am also trying to swap scrolling time into something that I’d feel is rewarding, but also calming and intentional. 

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