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Picnics at the park

A picnic set-up.

During my first few weeks in Adelaide, I was amazed by this thing that the locals seem to do.

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Getting better at gift giving

A pink wrapped present.

I love it when I find something that will be perfect for my friends or family. But how come when a birthday or Christmas comes around, I struggle?

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Saying no

friends walking on the beack

I’ve only recently watched the Friends Reunion. It’s a show I literally have seen so many times over they years but I never tire of.

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Letter writing for the soul

A messy wooden tabletop with some books, an analogue clock, a brown messenger bag, a pot of pencils, as well as ink and a fountain pen.

Why send a letter when we can send a text?

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My break thus far

Girl on a road trip.

How I spend my break as an international student. 

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Let's blame Mercury

The sun in the solar system, illuminating nearby planets.

Everyone's favourite scapegoat right now.

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Endless small talk

three individuals chatting and laughing

Especially when it comes to meeting new people, small talk can be hard to get the hang of.

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Public speaking

photo of microphone

Question time is always the part of presenting at conferences that gives me really bad 'stage fright'.

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Pisces in Port Adelaide

A boat in Port Adelaide (photo by Asirah)

Port Adelaide is one of those places that you have to visit as an international student or tourist.

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Trust yourself

photo of person holding a cup, face partially obscured

Imposter syndrome. It’s a bit unpleasant because what you really need when you’re attempting a Ph.D. is belief in yourself.

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