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Period pains

a woman making a heart over her stomach with her hands, a daisy rests in the middle

I reflect on my period pain routine and what methods work for me when it comes to making sure they don't get in the way of uni.

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notepad and pencil on a table with blurred background

Over the years of my candidature, I seem to have collected stacks of paper and even as I strive to produce less waste and not print anything, I’ve still ended up with a collection of portable hard drives.

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Workout routines wanted

Workout equipments on a yoga mat.

Working out what works out for your workout routine takes a lot of work! 

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Flight of the busy bee

screen of an iphone showing twenty unread emails

I thought being as busy as possible was a good thing but lately my friends have made me think otherwise.

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Unrewarding volunteering

film camera

Last  month, I volunteered for a gig and found myself facing the challenge of a rude and unappreciative employer.

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Blue hair blues

Back of a girl's head showing black and blue hair

Following 'Experience New Things' earlier this month on the lawns, the newest thing I have recently experienced was agreeing to be a hair-colouring model for my hairdresser.

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Wellbeing in the workplace

Working at a desk

It is refreshing to see wellbeing prioritised in the workspace and it has got me thinking about how I look after my wellbeing...

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Time to binge!

Person with a movie slate board.

Some of my comfort movies that I’ll be rewatching this mid-semester break.

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The health value of good shoes

Two runners running on rocky dirt track in forest.

Only after having completely worn through my favourite set of shoes have I realised just how important they are for my physical and mental health.

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Give me a break

Person looking at the camera, laughing and leaning up against a wooden wall.

They say humour is good for creativity. Is that true?

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