Our Research

Waite researchers are active in a wide range of agricultural, wine and food-related disciplines

Food innovation

We are are leader in food research, innovation and education that underpins a globally competitive food industry in South Australia.

Wine and viticulture

Nearly 70% of Australia's total wine and grape research and extension capability is found at the Waite.

Plant breeding

Many of the commercially-grown grain varieties in Australia were developed at Waite, including varieties with improved baking characteristics for bread, and improved durum wheat varieties for pasta.

Sustaining agricultural systems

The ability to feed the world sustainably relies on research that examines both complex farming systems, where human, plant, soil and environmental factors are continually interacting, and molecular interactions, such as plant defence responses to pathogens.

Featured project: Research consortium for agricultural product development

Jointly funded by the South Australian Government, industry and academic members, this collaborative project is developing new products derived from agricultural waste streams and low-grade commodities.

Featured project: Secure pollination through revegetation

Pollination services are under threat as the agricultural landscapes often do not offer enough food for pollinators when the crop isn’t in flower. How can growers of pollination dependent crops safeguard pollination services and contribute to the health of crop pollinating community? This project explores the plantings that can assist with crop pollination.

WRI Seed Project Funding 2019

The WRI has announced a total of $250,000 in seed funding for 15 projects across the agrifood and wine research spectrum.

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