Wine and Viticulture

The Waite Campus is home to nearly 70% of Australia's wine and grape research and extension capability. The four organisations working in this area have formed the Wine Innovation Cluster (WIC), a partnership which aims to build synergies, enhance collaboration and reduce duplication.

Wine Lab

Waite researchers are active across the entire value chain, from understanding the interactions of vines with the environment to sensory research and consumer preferences.

Major themes of the Waite's grape and wine research include:

  • Grapevine management for optimal yield and performance in the face of climate, water and abiotic stresses;
  • Genetic and physical factors affecting grapevine flowering, fruit set and berry quality;
  • The characterisation and development of new strains of yeast for improved fermentation outcomes;
  • Wine chemistry and biochemistry to identify and isolate compounds that are either beneficial or detrimental to wine quality;
  • Consumer, quality and sensory research.