Invitation to Partner

The University is seeking new partners that are strategically aligned to its research and teaching capabilities and facilities at the Waite. Whether you want to collaborate, invest, learn, research or access campus services, now is the ideal time to find out more about partnering with us.

Waite research prospectus

Opportunities include: facility rental, including office space and labs; development of new or current facilities on campus; funding an industry scholar and industry placements.

By co-locating at Waite, your organisation can become a leader in emerging fields of food, agriculture and wine-related research which results in the development of breakthrough technologies.

Benefits include:

  • Shared knowledge, infrastructure and technologies
  • The opportunity to collaborate and undertake joint research opportunities with like-minded academic experts
  • Excellent facilities which can be tailored to your needs in an idyllic setting only 7km from the CBD
  • Access to a pool of talented students with a passion for your industry; access to teaching and meeting facilities
  • Access to the Entrepreneurship Commercialisation and Innovation Centre, where your staff can learn the skills needed to incubate, grow and execute ideas, becoming proactive and innovative leaders
  • Global connector programs, including a business incubator in Chalons, France

Join our research precinct