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The Waite Campus is internationally recognised as a world-class research, development, teaching and commercialisation precinct. Underpinning Australia's agricultural industries with both fundamental and applied research, the Waite's great strengths are in grains, soil and wine.

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The Waite community comprises several organisations, centres and nodes, with approximately 1,800 scientists, technicians, teachers, support staff and students in agriculture, food, wine, and natural resource sciences.

The Waite Research Institute (WRI) was established in 2009/10 to facilitate further development of the world-class capability and technologies at the Waite precinct. The WRI keeps alive the vision of Peter Waite in leading and providing support for collaborative initiatives that bring about step changes in Australian agricultural science and practice.

The WRI aims to contribute solutions to the emerging challenges of global food security and agricultural sustainability by stimulating and supporting internationally-competitive research that supports profitable and sustainable production in its target sectors.

Supported by the Waite's state-of-the-art infrastructure and the unique collective strength of the co-located partners, our research is trans-disciplinary and collaborative in nature with national and international connections to major industry sectors, government and other high-quality research organisations.


Carolyn Mitchell

Executive Officer

Keryn Lapidge

Communications Officer


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Recent Scientific publications

Read the list of 2017 publications from WRI members, including many collaborative papers with other Waite partner organisations.

Annual Reports