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Targeting the plant cargo hub to help them deal with environmental stress

Research by Ag, Food and Wine researchers Dr Daniel McKay and Dr Stefanie Wege identified a transport protein named CCC1 as responsible for regulating conditions inside the plant’s cargo hub. CCC1 releases salts out of the cargo hub, and is critical for keeping a plant cell functioning properly.

The foundation for cereal crops that beat the heat

A project conducted by University of Adelaide and Macquarie University researchers has revealed insights into how an Australian ‘wild rice’ thrives in extreme heat, opening the door for the breeding of new cereal crops that can withstand high temperatures

Searching for indigenous yeasts to create tastier wine

Yeasts are everywhere. These blessed creatures are the building blocks for a party and they let us enjoy mouth-watering food and drinks, writes University of Adelaide scientist Natalia Caliani.

New research puts bugs to the taste test

Researchers at the University of Adelaide are embarking on a new study to develop more accurate and consumer friendly descriptions for one of the most sustainable and high protein food sources on the planet, edible insects. 

Do fungicides in the vineyard affect wine quality?

Spraying for fungicides is a crucial viticultural practice that occurs throughout the growing season. But 'does it have an impact on wine quality?' asks University of Adelaide wine researcher Natalia Caliani.