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Sustainable agri-food systems for global nutrition

The world is changing rapidly. Feeding increasingly demanding and globalised consumers requires novel solutions to produce food, using less resources within a less predictable landscape. Consumers want nutritious and safe foods quickly, with strong health credentials but with lower environmental footprints. To deliver this we need to change the way we work and develop novel solutions to these global megatrends.

University of Nottingham University of Adelaide

A specific opportunity identified as part of the continuing strategic partnership between the University of Nottingham and University of Adelaide is the development of a Joint Global Agri-Food Hub which will specifically respond to these global megatrends. The hub will focus on developing and translating fundamental sciences towards the joint vision of an industrially aligned sustainable food system for the future consumer.

It will build on the experience and capabilities of both Universities and the existing relationship of 20 Joint/Dual PhD students, but specially develop new cross-disciplinary research themes and relationships, increase the level of industrial alignment and further ensure the paradigms of a globally sustainable food system are embedded in all future research. Ultimately this will move relationships beyond single research projects, to a truly synergistic relationship, where we form joint strategic initiatives, so that together we can make an active contribution to a globalised society with an emphasis on knowledge creation, environmental sustainability and industrial growth.

The proposed Hub aligns with Future Making, the University of Adelaide’s Strategic Plan, specifically by addressing key elements of each Pillar Plan and with the University of Nottingham Strategic Growth Plan, to be a university without borders, embedding collaboration in all that we do, with a specific emphasis on sustainability.

UA-Nottingham joint PhD scholarships

A limited number of fully funded PhD scholarships are available for up to 4 years and some travel support to start in 2020 in the area of Sustainable Agri-Food Systems for Global Nutrition.

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New International Flavour Research Centre

Researchers from the University of Nottingham and University of Adelaide have joined forces to launch a new international food flavour facility to improve the taste of sustainable, healthy, plant-based food and ingredients. 

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Sustainable agri-food systems for global nutrition

Sustainable agri-food systems for global nutrition

  • Cluster Area 1: Future Foods and Food Production Systems
  • Cluster Area 2: Food Science and Nutrition: Food for Health
  • Cluster Area 3: Food Process Engineering, Agri-Tech and Biotransformation
  • Cluster Area 4: Livestock Productivity, Health and Welfare, One Health
  • Cluster Area 5: Novel Food Platforms, SpaceAg, AstroFood, Novel Protein Sources
  • Cluster Area 6: Global Markets, Future Consumers and Food Systems, Food Policy