Food Innovation

The principle goal of agriculture is to sustain human life and human health. Plants are the foundation of food production. As well as being consumed directly by humans, plant products also feed livestock produced for food and are used for fibre and fuel.

Adelaide Glycomics Lab

Increasing global population means that plant production systems need to be more productive than ever before. Plant production systems are diverse. From broadacre cropping to viticulture and horticulture, Waite researchers are working to increase the productivity and efficiency of plant production systems.

At the molecular level, Waite researchers are using genomics, the study of how genes function, to identify genes for important traits for agriculture such as tolerance to environmental stresses, quality characteristics and disease resistance.

University of Adelaide researchers are working together to link human nutrition and health, social science, new technologies and agricultural science through its food innovation theme, assisting disciplines to work together in new ways and developing partnerships with SA’s booming food and beverages sector.

Our researchers are examining the properties of products derived from grains and working directly with plant breeders to develop better end products for consumers. Our researchers are also involved in collaborative projects to explore new plants as sources of the nutrition and fibre we need for good health.