Sustaining Agricultural Systems

The ability to feed the world sustainably now, and in the future, relies on research approaches that examine both complex farming systems, where human, plant, soil and environmental factors are continually interacting, and molecular interactions, such as plant defence responses to pathogens.

Soil Pits

Plants do not exist in isolation. They are part of a dynamic system and interact with a range of other organisms, such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, insects and other plants. Some of these provide benefits to agriculture, but many have a negative effect on plant yield and the quality of plant products. The Waite's capacity in plant protection includes plant pathologists, entomologists, weed scientists and post-harvest physiologists.

The Waite hosts world-leading researchers in soil science, natural resource management and understanding the impact of climate on ecosystems. Researchers within the Waite organisations work collaboratively and across disciplines to achieve more nutritious food, produced with the most efficient use of resources, and without negative impacts on our natural environment.