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Louisa Rose

A portrait of Louisa Rose outside

Louisa Rose is Head of Sustainability and Brand Ambassador for Yalumba, where she has worked since 1992, including 17 years as Head of Winemaking. Since her teen years helping on her own family vinyard, Louisa has brought a philosophy of fine wine, innovation and sustainability to her successful career as one of South Australia's celebrated winemakers. 

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Randolph Brazier

A headshot of Randolf Brazier in a suit and tie

Randolph Brazier is the Global Head of Clean Power Systems at HSBC and on the board of the World Energy Council’s Future Energy Leaders Programme. Now living in London, he is passionate about improving and deploying the real-world solutions and innovative technologies that can truly address climate change.

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Dr Jane Sloane

A close-up portrait of Jane smiling

Jane Sloane is a fiercely passionate advocate for justice and an inspirational leader, whose career as a gender equity champion has taken her around the world. In the years between graduating the University with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in 1985 and receiving her Honorary Doctorate in 2024, she has worked with women all over the globe, lived a decade in a houseboat in California, had a heart-to-heart with Nelson Mandela, and driven true change in the global movement for equality.

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Phil Mauger - Clinical Nurse Consultant

Phil Mauger smiling at a University event

Phil Mauger is a Clinical Nurse Consultant specialising in paediatric haematology and oncology. He is motivated to ensure his patients and their families are given the highest quality care. A father and husband, he is dedicated to providing life-changing treatments, and says one of his greatest achievements is dedicating his life to the service of others.

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Jo Vandepeer

Dr Jo Vandepeer smiling at her PhD graduation

Dr Jodie Vandepeer has been awarded four qualifications from the University in the past three decades. She is now a Visiting Research Fellow at the University. An experienced teacher and a classical vocalist as well as an art historian and researcher, Jo’s career has been, in her own words, “intrepid”.

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Neurodiversity's untapped competitive advantage

A portrait of Andrew gesturing and smiling at his TEDx talk

Andrew Pfeiffer is a data leader, TEDx speaker, government employee, and neurodiversity advocate. Alongside his role as a data scientist, he promotes the benefits that neurodiversity offers in the workplace and invites us to reimagine how we attract and retain the best talent at work.

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Elder Conservatorium alumni premiere new show at Adelaide Fringe 2024

Three performers in blue, purple and pink

Rosie Russell and Millicent Sarre are Elder Conservatorium Music Theatre alumni whose new original show Bisexual Intellectuals will premiere at Adelaide Fringe in 2024.

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Petrie Collins

An old photograph of Petrie Collins from her early career

Petrie Collins has over 50 years' experience in nursing and healthcare education. Her work has spanned continents and reached into corporate pharmaceuticals and business ownership as well as nursing practice. Petrie believes in the value of lifelong learning, and is dedicated to contributing to the studies of others while continuing her own education.

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Adam Liaw

A portrait of Adam Liaw against a black backdrop

Adam Liaw is a celebrity chef, cookbook author, TV host and Unicef Australia Ambassador who has become an icon of modern Australian food culture. Before his rise to stardom as a chef, Adam was a successful lawyer, practicing both in Australia and internationally.

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John Scanlon AO

A portrait of John Scanlon in the street

John Scanlon AO is an environmental lawyer, leader and policy maker who is dedicated to ending wildlife crimes on a global scale. Throughout his career, his leadership of international environmental organisations has helped reduce the impact of the $2-3 trillion illegal wildlife trade on ecosystems and societies around the world.

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