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Jo Vandepeer

Dr Jo Vandepeer smiling at her PhD graduation

Dr Jodie Vandepeer has been awarded four qualifications from the University in the past three decades. She is now a Visiting Research Fellow at the University. An experienced teacher and a classical vocalist as well as an art historian and researcher, Jo’s career has been, in her own words, “intrepid”.

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Neurodiversity's untapped competitive advantage

A portrait of Andrew gesturing and smiling at his TEDx talk

Andrew Pfeiffer is a data leader, TEDx speaker, government employee, and neurodiversity advocate. Alongside his role as a data scientist, he promotes the benefits that neurodiversity offers in the workplace and invites us to reimagine how we attract and retain the best talent at work.

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Elder Conservatorium alumni premiere new show at Adelaide Fringe 2024

Three performers in blue, purple and pink

Rosie Russell and Millicent Sarre are Elder Conservatorium Music Theatre alumni whose new original show Bisexual Intellectuals will premiere at Adelaide Fringe in 2024.

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Petrie Collins

An old photograph of Petrie Collins from her early career

Petrie Collins has over 50 years' experience in nursing and healthcare education. Her work has spanned continents and reached into corporate pharmaceuticals and business ownership as well as nursing practice. Petrie believes in the value of lifelong learning, and is dedicated to contributing to the studies of others while continuing her own education.

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Adam Liaw

A portrait of Adam Liaw against a black backdrop

Adam Liaw is a celebrity chef, cookbook author, TV host and Unicef Australia Ambassador who has become an icon of modern Australian food culture. Before his rise to stardom as a chef, Adam was a successful lawyer, practicing both in Australia and internationally.

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John Scanlon AO

A portrait of John Scanlon in the street

John Scanlon AO is an environmental lawyer, leader and policy maker who is dedicated to ending wildlife crimes on a global scale. Throughout his career, his leadership of international environmental organisations has helped reduce the impact of the $2-3 trillion illegal wildlife trade on ecosystems and societies around the world.

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Nik Nasha Damia

A portrait of Nasha with framed certificates behind

Nik Nasha Damia is a passionate humanitarian and leader, whose work as Director of the Rohingya Women Development Network aims to help the thousands of Rohingya refugee women in Malaysia find education, learn new skills, build their autonomy and significantly improve their quality of life.

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Dr David Lam

A portrait of Dr David Lam

Dr David Lam is an award-winning young doctor who is making incredible contributions to Australian communities by providing medical care to vulnerable Australians, advocating for the importance of mental health care, and inspiring a new generation of doctors to work in rural and remote communities. 

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Peter Ong

A portrait of Peter Ong smiling, wearing a suit

Peter Ong is an economist and lifelong civil servant dedicated to advancing the interests of Singapore and its people. His distinguished career has spanned many different government areas including overseeing a workforce of 145,000 as the head of civil service in Singapore and offering advice on economic strategy and policy via board positions across various government entities.

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Lesley Salem AM

A portrait of Lesley Salem AM in a blue shirt and glasses

Lesley Salem AM is a Wonnarua woman, artist, author, and nurse practitioner with over 20 years’ experience in remote and rural nursing. She works tirelessly to improve the health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in Australia, both through her passionate advocacy and her work as a nurse practitioner.

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