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Tackling inequality in sport

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Angela’s charge to change the culture of sport.

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Leading lady

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Vickie Chapman leads the way for generations of women to come.

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The art of reinvention

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The fierce, feminine performer pushing boundaries every time she hits the stage.

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Heard it on the grapevine

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Lou’s secrets to finding a long-term home among the vines.

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Safe house

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Why the future of Australia’s defence is in safe hands

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Secret agents of women's suffrage

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With the University of Adelaide in its infancy and the suffrage movement brewing, women’s education and voting rights walked hand-in-hand in late-19th century South Australia.

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Dr Yu makes X her mark

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Escaping Mao’s Cultural Revolution to pioneer her own in genetic pathology.

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On Dit

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The student voice lives on strong and proud through Australia’s third oldest student publication On Dit.

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Masters of their universe

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The community leader giving Aboriginal people a voice at the policy table.

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A curious mind

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Our Lord Mayor’s creative approach to breathing new life into the city.

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