Lucy Coward

Lucy Coward

Bachelor of Agriculture (Master of Environmental Studies), Roseworthy Class of 1994–96 and 2001–02

Lucy turned her love of practical subjects at school into a fulfilling career in agribusiness. Now, 20 years later, Lucy still loves getting out to spend time with farmers, kicking the dirt and getting behind farming businesses to supply quality produce to the globe.

"I looked at becoming a Vet and a Park Ranger but settled on Agriculture at Roseworthy. The applied science and on-farm experience really appealed to me."

Lucy has developed export programs for the agribusiness sector through positions with State and Federal Government. She has lead procurement for food and beverage giant 'Lion' in milk and fruit. This involved working with 700 dairy farmers and 250 fruit growers around Australia to supply fresh produce daily to supermarkets.

Early in her career, Lucy worked in the pig industry as a regional rep for a Biotech start-up before moving into grain trading and broking.

In her current role, Lucy manages 5 teams spread across New Zealand, Australia and South Africa. She focuses on growing, aggregating, importing and exporting fresh produce into Australia and Asia. "T&G is known globally for owning and producing Jazz and Envy apples. We work daily with leading growers and retail chains to supply fresh produce. I'm lucky to visit farmers across Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. I love seeing their produce on supermarket shelves around the world!"

What was Lucy's fondest memory while studying at Roseworthy?
"My favourite memory is sitting on the steps outside block four after dinner each night with my close friends just chatting and laughing. Roseworthy was all about the people to me. Some of my closest friends now were sitting on those steps way back in 1994!"

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