Tim Prance

Tim Prance

Roseworthy Diploma of Agriculture, Class of 1968–70

Arriving at the Roseworthy train station with all his possessions in a tin trunk, Tim Prance was on a mission to pursue his love and passion for agriculture. Right after phoning the Roseworthy office for a lift to the college of course!

Tim always knew he was going to study at Roseworthy because his Dad had graduated in 1947 and grew up on the family farm north of Millicent.

"I was inspired to study at Roseworthy after attending the College open day in my final school year. I started the Diploma in Agriculture course in March 1968 and finished that in 1970. I then worked in Kununurra for 12 months before returning to complete my RDAT (Roseworthy Diploma in Agricultural Technology) in 1972."

After graduating in 1972, Tim worked as an adviser with the SA Department of Agriculture for 30 plus years in the south east and on the Fleurieu Peninsula. He also spent two years in Libya on a project to settle Libyan farmers on land previously farmed by Italians.

For the last 8 years Tim has worked for himself as a consultant in the area of livestock and pasture management based in Victor Harbor. He is a regular visitor to the Roseworthy Campus and enjoys mentoring new consultants wanting to get started in the consultancy business.

What was Tim's fondest memory while studying at Roseworthy?
"I was known as Dancer (rhymes with Prancer). I still enjoy asking searching questions and don't mind wearing shorts. The footy trips to Longeranong and Dookie Ag Colleges were memorable, along with crabbing expeditions to Port Parham and of course working on the farm (but not horticulture!). During my time at Roseworthy all students did all the farm work which included slaughtering 20 sheep per week for our meat supply, a job for which I was regularly rostered. First year students weren't allowed to keep vehicles at the college, which helped bond our year as a group along with keeping clear of the Principal, Bob Herriot.

We were lucky to have wonderful lecturers in agronomy, sheep husbandry, vet science, animal nutrition, farm management economics and extension so I did actually also learn some academic 'stuff'."

Tim's graduating class has produced a magazine every year since 1971. They also have an annual year reunion somewhere in South Australia or interstate. In 2011 they contracted a historian to produce a 260 page hard cover Roseworthy College book covering their time at Roseworthy. There are still copies of the book are available by contacting ROCA if you're interested.

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