Louise Flohr

Louise Flohr

Bachelor of Agriculture, Class of 2006–2008

Lou Flohr from Lameroo runs her own agronomic consultancy business, HF-Ag working with growers in the southern mallee and Victorian mallee. As a side project, Lou delivered agronomic workshops to women in farming business who wish to upskill in this field.

Lou and her partner Andy have just welcomed their first baby, Ivy Melrose into their family. Lou looks forward to continuing her consultancy part-time.

"Working with passionate individuals and families on their farming businesses is a very fulfilling part of my career."

Her family grow wheat across 8000 acres, hay and a range of break crops, as well as managing a self-replacing merino flock. Lou loves working on the farm and applying her experiences to better meet the needs of her clients.

Lou's agricultural and business philosophies outline the importance of knowing and understanding climate risk.

"In a changing climate with potentially lower rainfall, increased frost risk, and possibly a more summer dominant rainfall, farmers will need to be able to adapt and have flexibility in their system to remain profitable. This may include more livestock. It is more important than ever to conserve summer rainfall through weed control and no-till/stubble retention farming practices.

What was Lou's fondest memory while studying at Roseworthy?
"I loved the whole Roseworthy experience but in particular making lifelong friends! It's great now to be able to go to any part of the state and be able to call up a friend from the college.

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