ICAC Response Update

Louisa Rose

I would like to share with you an update on how the University is responding to the statement released by the Independent Commissioner Against Corruption, in relation to the behaviour of the former Vice-Chancellor. University Council previously advised it would adopt all of the recommendations made in the ICAC statement. To bring this to fruition, the ICAC Response Steering Committee has been established, and I'm pleased that Alumni Council has a representative on this committee.

Over the coming months, the committee will work with an independent consulting group to assess the University's existing processes relating to sexual assault and sexual harassment complaints. An important part of this work will be engaging with staff and students, and alumni will also have the opportunity to provide their feedback. I will provide further updates to our alumni community through this newsletter.  

This week, the University launched an ICAC Response website, which I encourage you to visit for information and updates. As alumni, we are deeply committed to the University, and keen to see meaningful change.

Louisa Rose
Alumni Council

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