Enrol for an Exam

What you need to know for enrolling.

The Exam Checklist below provides an important overview of the steps involved prior to, during and after an examination. Parents, teachers and candidates should be directed to this checklist. (Alternative printable checklist version)

To find out more about syllabuses, subject codes and fees, please refer to what we offer.

If you are familiar with the enrolment process and exam information, you can jump straight to SCORE.

  • Exam checklist (before, on the day and after)

    Preparing to enrol in an exam

    ☑ Prepare a candidate according to the relevant syllabus. For parents/care-givers enrolling candidates, the teacher can advise exactly which syllabus to enrol into.

    • For syllabuses transitioning from "old" to "new", candidates can be enrolled into either old or new (until the old syllabus is completely phased out). Refer to these pictorial tables to ensure the candidate is being enrolled into the correct syllabus: Piano for Leisure, Violin and Horn.

    ☑ Ensure the candidate (and their parents/guardians, if relevant) are aware of the requirements and the general conditions of an examination.

    ☑ Refer to AMEB SA & NT policies, and Rockschool policies, if a Rockschool exam.

    ☑ Check and diarise exam dates, and check the availability of parents and accompanists (and venue, if applicable).

    ☑ Enrol on or before the relevant closing date. Ensure that:

    • Any scheduling requests are included with the enrolment (they can be submitted with the enrolment and edited up to 7 days after the closing date. No changes will be accepted beyond 7 days after the closing date.
    • Any conflicts of interest with specific examiners are noted in the enrolment.
    • Any relevant special needs of the candidate are noted.
    • The details of the enrolment are correct (e.g. candidate name, D.O.B., exam type and grade).
    • You have marked the email address no-reply@ameb.edu.au as a Safe Sender with your email service provider, to avoid exam notifications being filtered to spam.

    On notification of the exam time

    Review the exam notification letter (available in SCORE once the notification of scheduled exam times has been emailed to the enroller). These are sent out approximately 3 weeks prior to the session. If the enroller has not received the notification by this time, please contact the AMEB SA & NT office.

    Advise the AMEB SA & NT office, via email or SCORE, of any errors on the exam notification letter (e.g. spelling of a candidate's name), so these can be rectified prior to any certificate printing. 

    ☑ You may wish to share the Exam Key and Exam Pin with the candidate, so they can log in to view and download the notification and also (later) submit their own repertoire.

    ☑ For any enrolled in a For Leisure (Comprehensive) exam, determine whether Aural or Sight-reading will be completed in the exam and ensure the candidate is aware of what is required.

    Submit repertoire via the prompts provided in SCORE (this can also be done up to 72hrs prior to the exam. If repertoire is not submitted in this timeframe, then a printed Exam Notification Letter must be filled in (with the details of the pieces to be performed), and handed to the examiner at the commencement of the exam). 

    Prior to exam day

    ☑ Ensure parents, candidates and accompanists have a copy (digital or paper) of the Notification Letter and know where the exam is going to be held. For SA exams at the Central Venue, please refer to this map.

    ☑ Consider transport to the venue and parking availability. (Please refer to the Venue Instructions on Exam Notification Letters, including any maps provided). Check any events that may be occurring the same day that may cause delays or parking issues.

    ☑ Consider potential delays on exam day. Occasionally, due to unforeseeable circumstances (e.g. evacuations, or problems with exams that may run longer), examiners may run later than scheduled times.

    Exam day!

    ☑ Remove any markings concerning general knowledge from music prior to the exam.

    ☑ Bring any instrument required for the exam, including any accessories needed (spare strings, rosin, reeds, valve oil, cloth, cello rock stop or rubber end pin, footstool or pedal extender). If recorded accompaniments/backing tracks are being used, bring the files and suitable playback device that is charged and working.
    Note: the AMEB does not take responsibility for the set-up and use of any accessories or extra equipment that is brought in and used during an exam. Candidates will need to set these elements up themselves or with the aid of a teacher or care-giver at the commencement of the exam.

    ☑ If the exam is at the AMEB Central Venue (at the University of Adelaide), ensure you know where to go. On the AMEB's YouTube page are some very short videos which walk-through how to access the AMEB SA office (in the Hartley building), Schulz building, Madley Rehearsal Space, and Madley Jazz Studio for exams in those locations. Please contact the AMEB office if you have accessibility requirements and our staff can explain the available facilities.

    ☑ Candidates should arrive 15 minutes prior to their scheduled exam time, reporting to the venue supervisor. Candidates who arrive after their scheduled time cannot expect to be examined.

    Note - during the COVID-19 pandemic (updated July 2023):

    • Please refer to our Covid-19 page for the most up-to-date information, guidelines and recommendations. The AMEB SA & NT follows University of Adelaide guidelines and SA Health recommendations with relation to physical distancing and mask requirements, close contact and isolation requirements, guidelines for those who have tested positive to Covid-19 and monitoring and managing symptoms.
    • Masks provide a layer of protection for you and for others. The University of Adelaide encourages you to wear masks whenever you feel you are at a higher risk of exposure or transmission. Disposable surgical masks are available free of charge at various locations at the university, including the AMEB office and examination areas. We wish to make exams as safe as possible, and face masks do provide a level of protection from transmission of COVID-19, particularly when physical distancing is not possible.
    • Please adhere to any mask-wearing requirements in place at private venues.
    • Candidates can be supported by more than one person when attending an exam venue*. Please be mindful of social distancing when attending an exam venue. (*With the exception of P Plate exams and exams requiring an accompanist/collaborative musician, only the candidate is permitted into the exam room.)
    • Please review our medical and non-medical transfer policies for more information.

    ☑ Make use of any warm-up space provided (the Adelaide Central Venue provides a warm-up for Grade 8 and above Piano candidates, and all instrumental candidates).

    ☑ Ensure the candidate enters the exam room with the original music for their pieces, even if performing from memory. If performing Own Choice pieces not in the syllabus, please provide a copy of the music for the examiner. Copies made for the examiner will be destroyed after the exam. (See APRA AMCOS directions for copying music for the purpose of an exam).

    Notes to those attending with a candidate on exam day:

    • Except for P Plate piano exams (which allow a support person to sit in), candidates enter the exam room unaccompanied. Support persons will wait in a designated waiting area.
    • Page turners or accompanists will be called into the exam room by the examiner only for the specific exam sections they are required for.
    • Photography and recording of any kind is not permitted during exams.
    • All venues should have visibility in to the exam room to ensure a child-safe environment. Whilst those attending can glance in to the exam room on occasions, support persons attending are not permitted to watch the exam.

    After exam day


    AMEB SA & NT is committed to prompt distribution of reports. Enrollers will be notified by email once a report and result has been released. Rockschool exam reports will be distributed 5-7 weeks after the exam date. All other reports will be released within 10 working days of the exam except for sessions from October-December which can take several weeks due to the large volume of exams being conducted at this time. If you have not received your reports by this specified time, please contact the office via email at ameb@adelaide.edu.au


    Enrollers will be notified via email once a certificate is available for collection. (If residing outside the postcode range 5000-5199, certificates will be automatically posted to account holders).

    Certificates not collected prior to the office's Christmas closure will be posted out to the enroller. All certificates posted are sent via standard mail, including box board and 'Certificate Enclosed' stamp. AMEB SA & NT is not responsible for the delivery of mail once it has left the office. Please contact Australia Post about reimbursement for lost articles. Any compensation is at their discretion.

  • Enrol for an exam

    Enrol online for practical and theory exams via AMEB SCORE. 

    Please refer to our step by step guide in making enrolments via SCORE
    Please note, in mid-2022, SCORE will be undergoing a facelift (dubbed 'SCORE 2.0'). 

    Paper entry forms can be requested from the office well in advance of a session closing date - these will be posted out to you or can be collected from the office. Completed entry forms must be received by the office on or before the relevant closing date.

    Enrolments for Paper-based Theory of Music Grades 1 to 6 exams (hosted by private venues, on request) can be submitted via SCORE or via the paper-based application form. If using the form, please email it directly ameb@adelaide.edu.au and staff will notify you of the next step.

  • Exam dates

    Please review these exam dates carefully before enrolling.

  • Enrolment Fees

    Please refer to the Examinations page for enrolment fees.

  • Hosting exams as a Private Venue

    To host practical exams, you will need to:

    1. Ensure your venue meets the general criteria below:

    • Exam room:
      • a quiet, comfortable room, well ventilated, well lit and ensuring privacy. Ideally the room should measure 3 x 4 metres
      • visibility into the room from a window or glass panel in door
      • (music exams) a piano in good condition with regard to action and tuning
      • (music exams) a piano stool, preferably adjustable
      • (music exams) a reliable and well-balanced music stand for non-piano candidates
      • Suitably-sized and stable desk (not a card table) and chair for the Examiner
      • (music exams) Suitable playback devices, if applicable, for Recorded Accompaniments
    • Adequate waiting area for candidates, separate from the exam room
    • Clean and accessible toilet facilities
    • A minimum of 2 hours' examining time per examiner specialisation (e.g. 2 hours of piano exams | 2 hrs of Violin/Viola exams | 2 hrs of Speech & Drama exams)
    • An adult with no vested interest in the exam result present outside the closed door of the exam room
    • Public Liability Insurance
    • COVID-19 requirement - sufficiently sized exam, warm-up and waiting rooms to accommodate the strictest density requirements (i.e. 1 person per 4m2)
    • COVID-19 requirement - hand sanitiser provided in all rooms
    • COVID-19 requirement - a supervisor designated to ensure that social distancing is maintained and the supervisor checklist is adhered to. 

    2. Register your venue in SCORE.

    Setup a private venue in SCORE guide

    Please note:

    • A venue owner is the account holder associated with the venue in SCORE.
    • Venue contact information is noted in the venue setup in SCORE.
    • Venues setup in SCORE are issued a Venue Code, which can be shared with those enrolling in an exam to be undertaken in your venue. 

    3. Fill in a Private Venue Pre-approval Application Form and email it to ameb@adelaide.edu.au.

    Need help meeting the 2 hour minimum examining time, or finding a venue?

    1. Invite others to join the venue - this can be done by word of mouth or the AMEB Venue Connect Facebook group may provide assistance. All enrolments must be received by the late closing date.
    2. Join another venue - this is best done via the AMEB Venue Connect Facebook group or in conjunction with others known to you. AMEB staff can post to this group on your behalf, if requested. A venue must be organised (by the enroller) on or before the late closing date of the exam session.
    3. Host an Under-time session. This option is available from 13 May 2022. Note - fees apply.

    Hosting Rockschool exams
    Please note the above steps required in setting up a venue. In addition to this, there are private venue requirements for Rockschool Exams.

  • Video exams

    Video exams are an alternative to in-person exams, and are available for AMEB Music, AMEB Speech & Drama, Rockschool and Rockschool PAA syllabuses (with some grade restrictions). Please refer to the exam dates for specific session information, as 'Video exams' is an umbrella term, covering the below options:

    • Video Repertoire
    • Video Comprehensive (note region-specific eligibility)
    • Video Performance Evaluations (Music Diploma)
    • Live Video Speech & Drama (note 1hr minimum examining time requirement)
    • Live Video and Video PAA exams (more information to come)
    • Video Rockschool Performance Certificate exams
    • Video Rockschool Graded Certificates exams

    Find out about the video exam requirements.