AMEB Award

AMEB Award. Shining a spotlight on achievement in the performing arts community.

Enrolments now open.


Introducing the AMEB Award, a leadership program designed to shine a spotlight on emerging musicians and performing artists. If you’re a developing musician, dancer, actor or performer - this is for you.

The AMEB Award is designed to encourage artists and performers of all ages to expand their creative horizons, challenge themselves, gain new experiences, collaborate with others and ultimately growing their passion and appreciation of their creative art form.

Across three Award levels, Bronze, Silver and Gold, you can showcase your achievements and contributions to your chosen performing arts discipline.

As an AMEB Award participant you’ll set and achieve goals in two categories - Performances and Contribution Activities - in addition to completing an AMEB Music, Speech & Drama,  Rockschool or PAA exam. Through Contribution Activities, you’ll be recognised for going beyond practice and performance in areas including leadership, collaboration, and entrepreneurship.

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Still have more questions? Email the AMEB Federal team who are happy to help on or call 1300 725 709.