Current PhD Students

Learn more about our PhD students and their theses. 

Thesis Researcher
The impact of agricultural innovation platforms on irrigation farm household outcomes in Africa Fentahun Addis Abebe
Fermenting the truth: smallholder men and women engaged in cocoa farming on the Malekula Island, Vanuatu Hira Ahmed
Adoption of multiple farm-level innovations and the implications for dairy smallholder farmers’ competitiveness: Evidence from West Java Province, Indonesia Rida Akzar
Promoting a green economy from the agricultural sector in Indonesia Sacha Amaruzaman
Wheat, weapons and worship: improving the delivery of agricultural development in fragile and conflict-affected states Angus Davidson
The social licence to operate in Australian agriculture Nikki Dumbrell
Improving the conversion of policies to desired program outcomes: Lessons from water recovery programs in the Murray-Darling Basin and Asia Ben Fee
Exploring changes to water resources of the Murray-Darling Basin from increased environmental water, water trading and implementation of state and federal policies James Fuller
Assessing fruit and vegetable affordability, and its implication on food security in Vietnam Christian II Genova
Technology adoption among small-scale farmers under climate risks: Evidence from citrus farmers in Indonesia Abdul Muis Hasibuan
Fiji fresh fruit and vegetable consumers; purchasing patterns of locals and tourists through different retail outlets and the implications for the local industry Craig Johns
Evaluating the performance of large- and small-scale economic development aid programs John Kandulu
Horticultural development: Welfare implications on child labour and household education investment in rural Indonesia Phassara Khamthara
Research related to impacts of land use change and ecosystem services. The work she will undertake will align with her PhD program at Shaanxi Normal University.
Xupu Li (Visiting PhD Student) 
Improving the robustness of water management in Indonesia Sitti Rahma Mamun
Exploring the spatial diffusion of organic agriculture adoption and its spill-over effects on environmental sustainability in Australia Maksuda Mannaf
Understanding factors driving changes of food consumption in urban Vietnam Anh Duc Nguyen
Understanding the factors influencing consumer demand for traditionally farmed meat and alternative protein products (including lab-grown meat, wild meat and plant-based) Livia Padilha
The pattern and rate of adoption for commodity choices and land use in upland catchment area in Indonesia Sara Ratna Qanti  
The determinants of smallholder farmers' adoption: hybrid chilli seeds in Indonesia Apri Laila Sayekti
Investigating different water risk management perspectives in the Murray-Darling Basin: Irrigators, environmental water holders and investors Constantin Seidl
The effectiveness of agricultural policies in emerging economies in the light of trade liberalization: the case of Kazakhstan Alfinura Sharafeyeva
Understanding Chinese consumer patterns in terms of new trade channels of Australian fresh produce Wenzhu Tang
Causes and determinants of consumer food waste in Australia Trang Thi Thu Nguyen

Impacts of climatic variability, water scarcity and socio-economic demographics on farmers’ mental health in Australia

Sahar Daghagh Yazd