About Us

The University of Adelaide’s Centre for Global Food and Resources has a global reputation for creating and applying knowledge on secure and resilient global food and resource systems. 

Since its formation in 2014, the Centre has built a strong track record in:

  • Delivery of academic programs focused on tackling global food system and resource issues and opportunities.
  • Specialised research from a multidisciplinary team with academic, industry and policy experience.

Based in the heart of Australian primary production and agribusiness, we understand both the capacity and drivers of success of Australian producers, agribusinesses and supply chain participants. We are cultivating the next generation of agribusiness and resource professionals, through a unique mix of business fundamentals, practical experience and global connections. Our unparalleled agricultural and wine research, and training facilities also extend to campuses located at The Waite Research Institute and Roseworthy College.

This unique Centre conducts world-class innovative interdisciplinary research, using a whole of systems approach. We address economic, policy, agribusiness and social issues affecting global food systems. In addition, we connect relevant partners ranging from industry organisations and enterprises to government institutions and policy makers. Our networks extend across the globe with strong research partnerships with agricultural, food, health and environmental scientists, as well as industry, government and NGOs. 

Our priority is achieving healthy, resilient and productive communities and landscapes, which are food, water and resource secure.

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  • Executive team

    Interim Director Associate Professor Patrick O'Connor
    Associate Director Agribusiness Innovation  Mr Craig Johns
  • Academics

    Senior Research Fellow Dr David Adamson
    Post Doctoral Research Fellow Dr Rida Akzar
    Research Associate Mr Jack Hetherington
    Associate Professor Dr Adam Loch
    Research Associate Dr Rio Maligalig
    Senior Lecturer  Dr Alexandra Peralta
    Research Fellow Mr Theo Simos
    Senior Lecturer Dr Di Zeng
    Associate Professor  Dr Alec Zuo
  • Adjuncts

    Adjunct Emeritus Professor Emeritus Professor Kym Anderson
    Adjunct Associate Professor Dr Jennifer Cleary
    Adjunct Senior Fellow Dr Jay Cummins
    Adjunct Associate Professor  Dr Arief Daryanto
    Adjunct Associate Professor  Dr Sahara Djaenudin
    Adjunct Senior Fellow Mr Jeremy Badgery-Parker
    Adjunct Professor  Dr Garry Griffith
    Adjunct Fellow Dr Juliane Haensch
    Adjunct Researcher Dr Xiaobo He
    Adjunct Professor Professor Ashok Khurana
    Adjunct Associate Professor  Dr John Leake
    Visiting Research Fellow Dr Pamela Lyon
    Adjunct Associate Professor Dr Ian Overton
    Adjunct Professor Dr Tom Reardon
    Adjunct Professor  Dr Kurt Schwabe
    Adjunct Fellow Dr Claire Settre
    Adjunct Associate Professor Dr Robert Shupp
    Adjunct Professor  Professor Randy Stringer
    Adjunct Emeritus Professor Emeritus Professor Mike Young
    Adjunct Researcher Dr Wahida
  • PhD students

  • PhD alumni

      Thesis   Researcher
      Adoption of Multiple Dairy Farming Technologies – Issues and Opportunities for Smallholder Dairy Farmers in West Java, Indonesia   Rida Akzar
      Payments for environmental services to strengthen ecosystem connectivity in a central sumatran agricultural landscape   Laura Bateman
      Social licence in natural resource dependent industries: Improving understanding and integrating economic perspectives   Nikki Dumbrell
      Food system transformation in Fiji: Exploring the determinants of diet quality and health outcomes in rural and urban households   Anna Finizio
      The effect of smallholder vegetable production on children's dietary quality and nutritional outcomes: evidence from Vietnam   Christian II Genova
      Examining the importance of spatial influences on irrigators’ water trading behaviour in the southern Murray-darling basin   Juliane Haensch
      Climate Change Risk and Farming Practices: Evidence from Small-scale Citrus Farmers in Indonesia   Abdul Muis Hasibuan
      Horticultural farming and development outcomes: Examining human and social capital investment among horticultural households in rural Indonesia   Phassara Khamthara
      Economic analysis of farm household perceptions and preferences for salinity intrusion risk reduction in the Mekong river delta   Tien Khong
      Eliciting farmer preferences for rice varietal trait improvements using an experimental methodology based on investment games   Rio Maligalig
      Improving the robustness of water management in Indonesia   Sitti Rahma Mamun
      Examining the spatial influences of natural capital in the Australian agricultural landscape   Maksuda Mannaf

    Understanding factors driving changes of food consumption in urban Vietnam

      Anh Duc Nguyen
      Consumer perceptions and intentions towards sustainable meat consumption and lab-grown meat in Australia   Livia Padilha
      Analysing the drivers of dietary diversity, diet quality and household food security in developing Asia: Evidence from urban Vietnam and rural Bangladesh   Jesmin Ara Rupa
      Understanding the roles of gender in rural development: the case of labour-intensive chilli production in Indonesia   Apri Laila Sayekti
      Understanding adaptation and water market behaviour of irrigators and non-landholder stakeholders in the Murray-Darling Basin   Constantin Seidl
      Exploring the use of water markets for improved environmental outcomes   Claire Settre
      Trade costs, trade facilitation, and agrifood exports in Central Asia   Alfinura Sharafeyeva
      Adoption of high value horticultural crops in Indonesia. Determinants and impacts.   Suprehatin

    Impacts of climatic variability, water scarcity and socio-economic demographics on farmers’ mental health in Australia

      Sahar Daghagh Yazd
      The potential for innovative farm business structures in the Australian grains sector   Brendan Lynch
      Exploring the nutrition knowledge, attitudes and practices of pregnant women in Australia   Lenka Malek