Growing global populations and climate challenges impact our ability to sustainably feed the world. Where and how will our food be produced? How will it be traded?

Develop the necessary practical research, advisory and business skills for a rewarding career in the food and agriculture related industries.

Master of Economics and Resource Policy

A two-year program with a specialisation in Global Food and Agribusiness open to recent graduates and candidates of all levels of experience. Focus on the business and management side of the agri-industry, and the economic, political, environmental, and social issues affecting global food systems. 

PhD in Global Food Studies

Our PhD program in global food studies is research-focused with topics related to economics, business and policy issues affecting agricultural and food value chains, including smallholder producers in less developed countries to food consumers in Australia.

Understanding Agribusiness, Value Chains, and Consumers in Global Food Systems

Learn about the dynamic business of food and agriculture, exploring value chain thinking and the role consumers play in our rapidly evolving food systems through our free online course.


Agricultural Consultant, Agribusiness Owner/Manager, Market Researcher, Marketing Manager, Import & Export, Government or Corporate Policy Adviser, International Trade or Business Analyst, Relationship Manager, Sales Manager