PhD in Global Food Studies

Are you interested in working at the cutting-edge of food research and agricultural innovation?

Our PhD program in Global Food Studies is a research-focused PhD with topics typically related to economics, business and policy issues affecting agricultural and food value chains, including smallholder producers in less developed countries to food consumers in Australia.

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Eka Puspitawati, PhD Graduate

"Joining the group of Global Food Studies gave me valuable experience in improving my capacity and knowledge in global food chains and management.

The John Allwright Fellowship funded by the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) gave me the opportunity to explore the interesting research topic: Contracts, and Marketing Decisions of Indonesian Potato Growers. This topic (which is my thesis title) examines potato producer motivations for establishing contracts with buyers, exploring the role of gender and the economics of market relationships and channel choice.

I’m very blessed and proud to be a part of the University of Adelaide. I found that participating in Global Food Studies gave me confidence towards my future. Many of the skills that I learned throughout my degree, such as writing, presenting, analysing, and conducting research have allowed me to easily adapt into my job as a lecturer at Bogor Agricultural University. Moreover, I had the opportunity to collaborate with an excellent supervisor team."