Identification and assessment of value-added export market opportunities for non-GMO labelled food products from South Australia


Consumer attitudes to genetically modified (GM) foods are complex and dependent on a combination of factors including level of knowledge about genetically modified organisms (GMOs), perceptions of the inherent risks and benefits of GM foods, trust in governing bodies that approve GM foods, and consumers’ attitudes towards food as part of their overall health regime. In South Australia there is a moratorium in place for GMO cropping. South Australia is in a competitive position to target potential markets with non-GMO products produced in a clean and green environment. This research aims to identify potential value added market opportunities for Non-GMO products in the American, Chinese, Japanese and British markets.

Project objectives

  • Identify and map consumer demand for Non-GMO foods
  • Assessment of South Australian supply chain interest and capacity in Non-GMO or GM free claims
  • Recommend strategies for policy makers to engage businesses in discussing potential market opportunities in target markets

Project materials

Presentation of project findings

Project partners

Collaborating institutions:

Primary Industries and Regions, South Australia (PIRSA)


Primary Industries and Regions, South Australia (PIRSA)


GFAR researchers involved in this project:

Mr Rohan Yargop

Mr Theo Simos

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