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References and Further Reading

History of Book Illustration: 1400-1900

The curator would like to thank the authors of the below listed works.  Their combined knowledge of book illustration, including its types and methods of application, is truly remarkable.  Their works have assisted my own research enormously, and this exhibition would not have been possible were it not for their willingness to share valuable expertise.  Anyone interested in further exploring the fascinating field of book illustration will have much to gain from these noteworthy publications:

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Fielding, T. H., The art of engraving, with the various modes of operation, under the following different divisions: etching, soft-ground etching, line engraving, chalk and stipple, aquatint, mezzotint, lithography, wood engraving, medallic engraving, electrography and photography. Illustrated with specimens of the different styles of engraving, Ackermann & Co., London, 1841

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