Art in Action: Creation of the World of Ideas Mural

Two pandas

Visit the Barr Smith Library and see a work of art created before your eyes! From Monday 24th February, visitors to the Barr Smith Library will have the opportunity to see artist, Guiyong Zhu, paint a newly commissioned mural. The World of Ideas mural is inspired by the heritage gift collection, which highlights the global engagement and connections the University has around the world. An accompanying exhibition displays the inspiration for this artwork, showcasing the connections of Adelaide’s global university.

The artist, known as Zhuzhu, is herself an international student at the University of Adelaide, studying for a Master of Property. Having previously obtained a bachelor degree in mural art, she has experience of working as an art designer in Shanghai.

Exhibitions Coordinator, Amy Dale, has been working with Zhuzhu to commission this new artwork and create an eye-catching feature for the users of the Barr Smith Library. Amy says, “When Zhuzhu approached me with a passion to create a mural capturing the University’s unique history and culture I was really excited. Our ideas came together when we explored the University’s collection of international gifts.”  Part of the Special Collections cared for by the SpARK team at the University Library, the gift collection consists of objects given to University staff members as tokens of appreciation, and is a physical reminder of the long history of the University of Adelaide’s global engagement.

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