2020 Prize and Fellowship

The University Library is very pleased to invite applications for the 2020 Prize and Fellowship.

The Hugh Martin Weir Prize honours the memory of Lieutenant Hugh Martin Weir (1915 – 2004) and his fellow prisoners of war. It is designed to encourage study and research, including the use of the Barr Smith Library collections, into any aspect of Australia’s involvement in any war, or the treatment of prisoners of war in any conflict, including the impact on those persons involved, their families, and/or their communities.

The Prize is open to University of Adelaide students who are enrolled in an Honours thesis program or a postgraduate program by coursework or by research, either commencing or already in progress. Postdoctoral researchers are eligible to apply within three years of a doctoral award.

The maximum value of the Prize will be $2,000, which can be put towards the costs of travel and accommodation, books, printing, inter-library loans, copying and publication or other agreed purposes.

The Bill Cowan Barr Smith Library Fellowship was established by the Cowan Grant to provide financial assistance towards study for postgraduate degrees by research, using the collections of the Barr Smith Library. The maximum value of the Fellowship will be $12,000.

Previous Fellows include:

  • Dana Rehn, for her fascinating work in the field of early modern European esoteric art with a focus on the representation of the ‘Other’, which explores themes of human-animal hybridity and transformation. Find out more about Dana’s research here.
  • Jade Riddle for her research entitled Letters Home from Adelaide: ‘misrepresentations tending to discourage immigration’ (1836-1850). The research explores the critical, and at times emotional, representations of the city of Adelaide during its earliest years and their impact on immigration rates to the colony. Find out more about Jade’s research here.
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