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New Zealand and Antarctica

Featuring books from the collections which could be traced to New Zealand and Antarctica

The natural world of the Maori

Auckland, New Zealand

Margaret Orbell; photography by Geoff Moon
The natural world of the Maori
Auckland, N.Z.: David Bateman, 1996

Inscribed: "With sincere thanks for your helpful assistance.
Bernie Guelton President, Auckland Bach Cantata Society July 2000."

A bibliography of the literature relating to New Zealand

Auckland, New Zealand

T.M. Hocken
A bibliography of the literature relating to New Zealand
Wellington, N.Z: Govt Printer 1909

Inscribed: To Sir S. J. Way, C.J.P.C. with the author's kind regards, aug 15/09 [1909] Contains a letter from Thomas Hocken to Sir Samuel Way dated Aug. 16/09

Hocken was a New Zealand doctor, collector, bibliographer and researcher. His collections become the base of the Hocken Library, Dunedin

Aug 16/09

My Dear Chief Justice,

I have the pleasure of asking your acceptance of my ‘Bibliography’ which is at last published.

As you will recognise it is a work of immense labour and I am quite rejoiced that labour is over. It is with great pleasure that I send you my first presentation copy. I am now returning to my old work on Samuel Marsden and have already completed the editing of his journals. Another business that keeps me occupied is the final preparation of my books, pictures etc. for presentation to the Dominion. This function will I hope take place in November or December next. I do wish it were possible for you and Lady Way to be present on the occasion. You will notice a special feature in the bibliography is the introduction of a Maori section. This is the first time it has been undertaken and I think the list should be complete. Should there be any notice for review in your local papers, for copies of the book are sure to find their way over, I shall be glad if you forward me one. With kindest regards to Lady Way and yourself in which my wife joins.

Sincerely yours,
T. M. Hocken

The cruise of the St. George

Wellington, New Zealand

George Fyfe
The cruise of the "St. George" to see the world 1891-92
Wellington, Salop: John Jones [1893]

Inscribed: "A. Grant. High Street. Wellington"

The closed book

Main Hut, Cape Denison, Adelie Land, Antarctica

William Le Queux
The closed book
London: Methuen & Co., 1905

Stamped: "B.A.N.Z. Antarctic Research Expedition" on frontispiece
Inscribed: "This book formed part of the library of the Australian Antarctic Expedition at the Main Base Hut, Adelie Land, 1911-1914: and was removed from the bookshelf by T. Harvey Johnston when the "Discovery" party (B.A.N.Z.A.R.E.) entered the Hut, January 1931". Also shows water damage and swelling to cover and page edges due to having been frozen when ice entered the Main Base Hut, Adelie Land, Antarctica.
Thomas Harvey Johnston…

Thomas Harvey Johnston was a biographer and Parasitologist who succeeded in introducing the Cochineal beetle to control prickly pear. Professor of Zoology/Botany at The University of Adelaide 1922-1934, he was zoologist on two Discovery cruises to Antarctica 1929-1931

Gowan's art books


Gowan's art books [9 volumes]
London; Glasgow: Gowans & Gray, Ltd., 1907-1917

Signed: Cambell MacKellar.
Stamped: Australasian Antarctic Expedition, 1911. Mackellar's Library

MacKeller donated quite a large quantity of books to the Australasian Antarctic Expedition, led by Professor Douglas Mawson, 1911-1914

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