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Africa and Europe

Featuring books from the collections which could be traced to Africa and Europe

al-Qur'ān al-Karīm


[al-Qur'ān al-Karīm] = [Koran in Arabic]
[Cairo: sn 1914?]

Inscribed: To Sir Samuel Way Adelaide. With kind regards from J.H. Sexton. Copy of the Koran purchased in Egypt, signed and dated Apr. 20 1914
Bookplate: Sir Samuel Way

Rev. J.H. Sexton was Secretary of the SA Auxiliary of the British and Foreign Bible Society. He travelled on an extended tour of Egypt and the Holy Land in 1914

Deed of Freedom of Tsame

Zanzibar, Tanzania, Africa

Deed of freedom of Tsame [or Tsami], 9 w. a fem. Mugika(?) no. 189 Mombasa register...dated at Mombasa, the 6 of May, 1885

Translation of Arabic text: "She was a slave and now has become free and is under obligation to no one." This document has the stamped seal of the British Vice Consulate, Zanzibar and is signed C.S. Smith. H. M.'s Agent & Consul General has been changed to H. M.'s Vice Consul

Servitude et grandeur

Genève, Switzerland

Camille Mauclair
Servitude et grandeur litteraires: souvenirs d'arts et de lettres de 1890 a 1900.--Le symbolisme; les theatres d'avant-garde; peintres, musiciens.--L'anarchisme et le Dreyfusisme.--L'arrivisme, etc
Paris: Ollendorff, [1922?]

Has a library book jacket and stamps from Librarie Circulante Richard. 80, rue du Rhone, 80 Genève

Histoire de l'Academie Royale des Sciences

Säftaholms slot, Vingåker, Sweden

Histoire de l'Academie Royale des Sciences. Année M.DCCXI. : Avec les memoires de mathematique & de physique, pour le même Année. Tirez des registres de cette Academie
Amsterdam: chez Pierre de Coup, 1715

Contains bookplate: Säfstaholms Bibliothek. Initials GTB [=Gustaf Trolle-Bonde (1773-1855)] at head of bookplate

Gustaf Trolle-Bonde (1773-1855) "the Blind Excellency" was a patron of the arts and collector of books and paintings. He inherited Säfstaholms in 1797 and rebuilt and redesigned large parts of the estate to house his growing art collection and library. The library was sold in 1920. The estate is now an art museum showcasing Swedish artists from the early 20th century [Information from the Provenance Online Project, Pennsylvania University]

Synopseos ad Eustathium

Weingarten, Germany

Synopseos ad Eustathium filium libri novem quibus tota medicina in compredium redacta continetur / Ioanne Baptista Rasario novariensi medico interprete
Venetiis: Apvd P. Manvtivm, 1554

Inscribed: 'Monastery Weingarten 1659 [Now Weingarten Abbey in Weingarten near Ravensburg in Baden-Württemberg (Germany)]
Contains library stamp from Königliche Handbibliothek.

Weingarten Abbey was founded in 1056 by Welf I, Duke of Bavaria. The monks there worked at manuscript illumination. Their most famous work is the Berthold Sacramentary of 1217, now in the Pierpont Morgan Library in New York. It was considered one of the richest monasteries in southern Germany

From 1715, the Romanesque abbey church, was largely demolished, and replaced by a large and richly decorated Baroque church. In 1803, during the German Mediatisation, the abbey was dissolved, and then re-founded and resettled in 1922

Königliche Handbibliothek [the "Royal Hand Library"] was built on a donation of books provided by King Wilhelm I from his private collection. This library is now considered the jewel of Wilhelmsstift Seminar Library in Tübingen, Germany

Verschollen: ausgewählte Gedichte

Neumarkt, Dresden, Germany

Les Murray; übersetzung aus dem Englischen von Margitt Lehbert, kaltnadelradierungen von Susanne Theumer
Verschollen: ausgewählte Gedichte
[Neumarkt]: Verlag Thomas Reche, [2008]

Inscribed: For John from Thomas looking forward to our new book. Neumarkt, 18.iv.11
[Also] signed by Les Murray and Susanne Theumer

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