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Featuring books from the collections which could be traced to the United Kingdom

Memoir of Edward Craven Hawtrey

Eton College, Windsor, England

Francis St. John Thackeray
Memoir of Edward Craven Hawtrey D.D: headmaster and afterwards provost of Eton
London: G. Bell and Sons, 1896.

Inscribed: Arthur C. Benson. Eton College, 1896.
Contains bookplate: Reference Library of the King Edward VII Professor of English Literature 1913. Presented by A.L. Benson

The King Edward VII Professorship of English Literature is a senior professorship in literature at the University of Cambridge. It was founded in 1910 using a donation from Sir Harold Harmsworth and named in memory of King Edward VII who had died earlier that year

Two years among the savages of New Guinea

Thornton Hough, Merseyside, England → Bolton Le Moors, Lancashire, England → Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

W.D. Pitcairn
Two years among the savages of New Guinea: with introductory notes on North Queensland
London: Ward & Downey, 1891

Contains bookplates: W.H. Lever. Thornton Manor, Thornton Hough, Cheshire. AND Sir W. Hesketh Lever, Bart. AND Baron Leverhulme of Bolton Le Moors. [W.H. Lever] AND Charles R.J. Glover [Mayor of Adelaide 1917-1919. First Lord Mayor]

W.H. Lever, Sir W. Hesketh Lever, and Baron Leverhulme were all the same person. He added an additional bookplate each time he was elevated to a new honour

History of mediaeval political theory in the West

Cambridge, England

Sir R.W. Carlyle and A.J. Carlyle
History of mediaeval political theory in the West
Edinburgh; London: W. Blackwood & Sons Ltd, 1928-36

Inscribed: Chula, Cambridge May 1929
Contains bookplate: Prince Chula of Siam

Prince Chula Chakrabongse was born in Bangkok in 1908. A member of the Chakri Dynasty of Thailand, as a child he was sent to study in the United Kingdom and did not return to Thailand until he was 23 years old

Astronomical observations

Cambridge Observatory, Cambridge, England

Astronomical observations made at the Observatory of Cambridge [Volume 17]
Cambridge: [University of Cambridge], 1829-1928

Inscribed: "Presented by order of the Syndicate of the Cambridge Observatory to Mr. Charles Todd, Junior assistant at the Cambridge Observatory."

Charles Todd was an astronomer, meteorologist and electrical engineer born in London. He was a junior assistant to Professor Challis at Cambridge University 1848-1854. In 1855 Todd was sent to Australia to serve as the supervisor of the overland telegraph. His daughter married Sir William Bragg

The Georgian Society records of eighteenth-century domestic architecture and decoration in Dublin

Kilmore, Northern Ireland → Carnelea, County Down, Northern Ireland

The Georgian Society records of eighteenth-century domestic architecture and decoration in Dublin
[Volume 2]
Dublin: Printed for the Society at the Dublin University Press by Ponsonby & Gibbs, 1909-1913

Inscribed: R.S. Lepper. Elsinor, Carnalea, Co. Down August 1926. George Hamilton Johnston. Kilmore. 28th July 1910 [Lieutenant Colonel Johnston, of the East Yorkshire Regiment, 1847-]

Robert Stewart Lepper (1871-after 1945) attended King’s College, Cambridge and served in various posts in colleges and units in India 1895-1911

Onomasticon Zoicon

Wells, Somerset, England

Walter Charleton
Onomasticon zoicon: plerorumque animalium differentias & nomina propria pluribus linguis exponens. Cui accedunt mantissa anatomica; et quaedam De variis fossilium generibus
Londini: apud Jacobum Allestry, 1668

Contains bookplate: Richard Bagot, Bishop of Bath and Wells

Walter Charleton was a physician to King Charles I and the exiled Charles II. This book lists all known animals, including an account of Charles II menagerie in Saint James Park

A new and complete dictionary of the English and German languages

Moreton Pinkney, South Northhamptonshire, England → Oundle, Northhamptonshire, England

J.H. Kaltschmidt        
A new and complete dictionary of the English and German languages, with two sketches of grammar, English and German
Leipsic: Printed for Charles Tauchnitz, 1849

Contains bookplate: Keep Tryste. Edward Sempill of Morton Pinkney [Formerly Edward Candler, 1853]
Also contains book stamp: Ernest Strother. Oundle [Northhampshire]

Edward Candler inherited Moreton Pinkney Manor from his aunt in 1833. In 1853 he married Maria Janet, Baroness Sempill in 1836. Nearly 20 years later they were allowed, by royal license, to take on the name and arms of Sempill only. The Sempill family arms are pictured along with their motto in the bookplate

Photograph Album

London, England

[Photograph album]: 7635 - 7857: Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia

Donated by Christopher J. Hunt, University Librarian of The John Rylands University Library, University of Manchester to the University Librarian of the Barr-Smith Library, University of Adelaide in 2000. The album was rescued from a pile going into a skip-bin by the donor while he was at the London School of Economics. It had been used as an exercise volume for an apprentice bookbinder and has a bookplate: "British Library of Political and Economic Science, London School of Economics and Political Science 10, Portugal Street, London WC2A 2HD”

The works of Alexander Pope

Magdelene College, Oxford, England

The works of Alexander Pope esq: in nine volumes complete: with his last corrections, additions and improvements as they were delivered to the editor a little before his death / together with the commentaries and notes of Mr. Warburton.
London: Printed for J. and P. Knapton, H. Lintot, J. and R. Tonson, and S. Draper, 1751

Inscribed: by John Hird, Magdn. College Oxford recounting how the book came into his possession and the previous owner

Inscription reads:
John Hird, Magdn. Coll.

These books were in a most obliging manner given to me by Mrs. Wrixon of Ballygibbon in the County of Cork, in consequence of my expressing a desire to have some memorial of her beloved brother, Henry Becher Esq, formerly of Magdn. College who to the extreme grief of every individual that ever had any intercourse with him, lost his life by a fatal accident in his 22nd year in the month of Dec, 1780 - after that deplorable event these volumes came into the possession of a Gentleman who made a present of them to a son of Mrs Wrixon, since dead. Her eldest son, who inherits the name and fortune of his uncle delivered them to me in the 12th of Oct. 1973. J.H.

Poems: in memoriam

Haslemere, Surrey, England → South Australia, Australia

Alfred Lord Tennyson
Poems: In memoriam, Maud, Princess, Enoch Arden, etc
London: Macmillan, 1900

Inscribed: Christine Barr Smith from [Hallam] Tennyson, October 6th 1900. [AND] Contains letter from Tennyson to Christine

Hallam was Alfred Lord Tennyson’s oldest son and was the second Governor-General of Australia, a position he held from 9 January 1903—21 January 1904

Christine Barr Smith [nee Macgregor] was a South Australian who amassed a collection of nearly 5,000 books, all of which (except one) she bequeathed to the Barr Smith Library

Letter reads:
My Dear Barr Smith,
I hope that your daughter, Mrs Wright, received last week a volume of my father’s poems which I ventured to send her. With the best wishes of my wife and myself.
? my wishes

Swastika: the Nazi terror

Stapleford, Nottinghamshire, England

James Waterman Wise
Swastika: the Nazi terror
New York: Harrison Smith and Robert Haas, 1933

Contains bookplate of John Gretton, Stapleford.
Contains inscription "Bookplate of? Baron Gretton, 1867-1947, British Conservative MP and dual gold medallist at 1900 Olympics (yachtsman)"

John Gretton was a politician and Olympian born in 1867. He won two gold medals while serving as a member of the House of Commons at the 1900 Olympic Games held in Paris. In 1944, he was elevated to 1st Baron Gretton of Stapleford in the County of Leicester

The life of Edmund Keen

Manchester, England

Barry Cornwall
The life of Edmund Kean: in two volumes
London: E. Moxon, 1835

Contains bookplate Sir John Martin Harvey.
Inscribed: “Martin Harvey from J. Kendrick Pyne Oct. 31st 1916. My father's favourite book (Ed Kean being a great friend of his father -- (my grandfather). No one else than M. Harvey should have had it. But after the wonderful performance of Hamlet in 1915 at Manchester - nothing could have been too good for him. JKP”

Inscribed: Dr. Kendrick Pyne is the celebrated organist of Manchester Cathedral.
Signatures on title page: James Kendrink Pyne, June 7th / 82 [1882]; George Price

Also contains bookplate of Miss Floy Angel Nan Symon

Angel Symon collected programs, books and ephemera and built up a substantial personal library, focusing principally on British and European theatre of the late 19th to mid-20th century. When she died in 1976, her theatre collection was bequeathed to the Barr Smith Library and named, at Angel's request, the Allan Wilkie-Frediswyde Hunter-Watts collection. Angel worked with Allan Wilkie's company as both secretary and publicity officer. She also enjoyed some walk-on roles in his productions from 1920 to 1923 and again in 1925 and 1926

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