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United States of America and Canada

Featuring books from the collections which could be traced to The United States of America and Canada.

A sketch of missions

Billerica, Massachusetts, United States

Miron Winslow
A sketch of missions: or, history of the principal attempts to propagate Christianity among the heathen
Andover, Mass: Flagg and Gould, 1819

Bennett Library Association bookplates and stamps.
Inscribed "Library of the Billerica Female Charitable Society, presented by Rev. Nathaniel Whitman"

The Bennett Library was built in 1881 by Mrs. Eleanor Bennett in memory of her husband. It was Billerica’s first public library and now serves as a historical rental facility

Art of the Old English Potter

Fall River, Massachusetts, United States

L.M. Solon
The art of the old English potter
New York: D. Appleton and Company, 1886

Inscribed: "Mary E. Hawes, Fall River, Mass."

It’s a mystery how this book made its way to Adelaide from Massachusetts. The only information found on Mary Hawes is contained in a census record found online

Autocrat of the breakfast Table

Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Oliver Wendell Holmes
Autocrat of the breakfast table
[Boston: Phillips, Sampson and Company, 1858]

Inscribed “To the author of The Green Hand with the affectionate regards of his nephew. J.G. Tupples. Boston. Mass. May '78.” Also contains inscription on title page: “J.G. Tupples from the Author”

Oliver Wendell Holmes was a physician, poet, professor, and author. He was a member of the Fireside Poets, a group of 19th century poets based in New England. His Breakfast Table prose works are his most well-known, of which this is the first

The strenuous life

Washington, United States

Theodore Roosevelt
The strenuous life; essays and addresses
New York: The Century Co., 1900

Inscribed: "To Lt. Col. Arthur H. Lee, M.P. with regards from his old friend and comrade the author, Theodore Roosevelt. April 1901"

While this book has no written location Theodore Roosevelt was Vice-President of the United States at the time and would have been based in Washington D.C. He became President 4 months later.

Arthur Hamilton Lee, 1st Viscount Lee of Fareham, was a British soldier, diplomat and honorary member of the 1st U.S. Voluntary Cavalry, nicknamed 'Roosevelt's Riders’

The Intercolonial

Ottawa, Canada

Sandford Fleming
The Intercolonial: a historical sketch...
Montreal: Dawson, 1876

Inscribed: “Chief Justice Way with the best regards of Sandford Fleming, Ottawa Nov[?[ 10th 1891”

Sandford Fleming was an engineer and inventor from Canada. He had many great achievements in his lifetime, including the introduction of standard time zones and his work in building the Intercolonial Railway and the Canadian Pacific Railway. He was also a founder of the Royal Canadian Institute, a science organization based in Toronto

Parliamentary procedure and practice


John George Bourinot
Parliamentary procedure and practice: with an introductory account of the origin and growth of parliamentary institutions in the Dominion of Canada
Montreal: Dawson Brothers, 1884

Inscribed: “To the Hon. J.C. Bray with the regards of John A. Macdonald. House of Commons. June 21, 1885”

Sir John Alexander Macdonald was the first Prime Minister of Canada

Sir John Cox Bray was a South Australian politician and the first Premier of South Australia to be born in Adelaide. He held many prominent political roles including 2nd Leader of the Opposition

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