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The Maths Learning Centre provides the following resources online.

Some are full online interactive modules containing explanatory notes, examples, exercises and worked examples for each topic. Others are downloadable copies of various handouts and worksheets.

Resources for Particular Courses

On this page are collected the MLC resources we have made for various courses around the university. The resources are continually being updated, so if a particular resource or course is missing, please let us know.


MathsBridge Online

This module is designed to refresh the mathematical skills required for various Level 1 courses taught at the Roseworthy Campus. However, it can also be used by anyone wishing to revise their intermediate high school level maths.

MLC Seminars

The various MLC seminars have information about all sorts of things, such as fundamental maths concepts, statistical ideas and generic learning skills. Anyone can use the handouts and slides from these seminars, and if you have a University of Adelaide login you can also view the videos.

Other Maths Learning Centre Handouts

We also have a number of other handouts you can download, including: Working with Statistics, Solving Maths Problems, Finding out about Assumed Knowledge, & Revision Worksheets covering Year 12 Maths.

If you have any queries please call the MLC on 8313 5862 or email

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